About the Business Students' Society

The Business Students' Society

The Hill Business Students' Society (BSS) represents the students of the Paul J. Hill School of Business at the University of Regina. Our BSS Executive and Council of over fifty student volunteers organize and facilitate value-adding events and activities for over 1,600 students.

We believe in practising ethical business values while being leaders and role models in our faculty and community.

We provide opportunities for students to practice their networking skills, interact with business community members and teach students to find a balance between work and play in their everyday lives.

We aim to enrich the student experience through providing opportunities for students to put classroom knowledge into practice, interact with the business community, and develop skill sets through networking events, academic competitions, social settings, and community involvement.

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Constitution - Election Changes

The motion will be to accept the new wording and proceedures as part of the official governing document of the BSS. See below the original wording and the proposed wording of the constutition. 50% of the council in attendance and 75% of the attendees vote the motion will pass.   Current Wording… VIII. ELECTIONS 1. PROCEDURE a. See appendix I for information r... Continue Reading

SkipTheDishes Charity Partnerships

SkipTheDishes Charity Partnerships

SkipTheDishes Charity Partnerships

We are happy to announce this year, the BSS and Hill JDC West team will be partnering with SkipTheDishes to work towards their charity goals. SkipTheDishes is Canada's largest food delivery network. Gone are the days of ruffling through paper menus and eating the same Pizza and Chinese food – now you can order directly online.  SkipTheDishes partners with restaurants that ... Continue Reading

Networking Tips

Networking Tips

Networking Tips

For some, networking and interacting with individuals from the business community can be stressful, overwhelming and terrifying. In reality, networking does not have to be a frightening or traumatic experience. The Hill BSS has five quick networking tips that will help you radiate confidence and breeze through your next networking encounter.   Arrive early. Company representatives wi... Continue Reading

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Drink Another Day

Drink Another Day November 27, 2014

Winter Gala

Winter Gala November 28, 2014

Momentum Networking

Momentum Networking January 29, 2015

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